Brand Marketing and April Fool’s Day: 15 Awesome Pranks From Companies

Jessica Gioglio
9 min readMar 24, 2021

With each passing year, April Fool’s Day presents a challenge and opportunity for companies. While April Fools may not be for every company out there, there are some companies who surprise and delight us each year. Inspired by some of my favorite pranks of all time, here are 15 examples of companies that almost tricked us-in a good way- in the past on April Fool’s Day.

1. ASOS Fans Can Now Get Married on Its Legendary Catwalk, Models Included

ASOS’ catwalk is about to star in more than just fashion shoots-it’s now available as a glamorous backdrop for weddings. Announced on April 1, the ASOS wedding package includes clothing (of course), dapper male models as ushers, flowers, photos, and even the company’s delivery van (limos are so last year). Dare we say, wedded bliss is but a click — and a catwalk — away?

2. Google Announces The Newest Addition to Search: Google Nose

What’s that smell? According to Google, “smelling is believing,” which is why they were excited to introduce Google Nose, the newest scentsation in search, on April 1st. Positioned as an “internet sommelier,” Google Nose uses expertly curated “Knowledge Graphs” to pair images, descriptions, and aromas. Talk about a fragrant — and potentially pungent experience, depending on what you’re sniffing! File this one under, another innovation that would actually generate a huge business for Google! You must watch the video, it’s hilarious. The copywriter in me also loves the product page — whoever wrote this certainly has a nose for puns.

3. Airbnb Allows Workers To Earn Extra Cash By Renting Out Their Desks

What if you could spend a day or an hour working from different offices? This Airbnb April Fool’s prank is an example of…

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