• Maggie Battista

    Maggie Battista

  • Jonathan Sheffi

    Jonathan Sheffi

  • Dr. Jordan Amadio

    Dr. Jordan Amadio

    Neurosurgeon. Harvard MBA. Experience seeker. Founder of NeuroLaunch. Part thinker, part doer. The future of health + brain + culture.

  • Joseph Porcelli

    Joseph Porcelli

    I work to increase connection, safety, and resilience in neighborhoods — Global Public Agency Lead at Nextdoor.

  • Daniel Fürg

    Daniel Fürg

    Managing Partner FÜRG Consulting & Hej Future, Founder @48fwrd

  • Arshya Vahabzadeh

    Arshya Vahabzadeh

  • christopher carfi

    christopher carfi

    strategy, marketing, customer experience, social biz and community guy. wordpress enthusiast. employee at godaddy, opinions=own.

  • Levi Bloom

    Levi Bloom

    In-house SEO during the week, then “Coach Levi” (sports nutrition coach) on the weekends.

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