How 4 Leading Companies Power Happy Customer Experiences With Content

Jessica Gioglio
4 min readApr 7, 2021

Pause for a moment, and think about the current state of social media and digital. Consumers are faced with more messages across more social and digital channels than ever before. It’s resulted in what I like to call an “era of infobesity.”

With consumer attention being the ultimate commodity, a theme has emerged among top companies. Instead of focusing solely on campaigns and other tactics, top companies are prioritizing the customer experience.

The problem? There’s a significant perception gap in what companies believe they deliver and what consumers actually experience. Research from Bain & Company found that while 80% of companies believe that they deliver superior customer experiences, only 8% of customers say their experience was superior.

How do we close the customer experience gap? Social media and digital channels — and the content produced for them — present a huge area of opportunity for companies today. Content is something that companies produce daily. Tons of time, resources, and money are spent in producing content to captivate our customers, drive desired actions, and achieve business goals.

Why not maximize our daily content opportunities by translating them into experiences? Here are four examples of how companies can maximize content to deliver remarkable customer experiences.

Tap Customer Insights To Power Personalized Customer Experiences

Remarkable customer experiences come from deeply knowing your customers and how to best serve them. Social media channels offer a powerful real-time opportunity to capture consumer insights. Social listening and reporting can identify key topics, trends, frequently asked questions, and more by channel to inspire creative customer-centric programs that deliver a remarkable customer experience.

Nike is a great example of a company that deeply understands its customers and leverages consumer insights and data across multiple touch points to power personalized customer experiences. Inspired by its active Nike+ community, the company created the “Your Year With Nike” campaign. In the campaign, Nike and its agency AKQA created over 100,000 personalized one-minute animated films for 100,000 of the most active Nike+ users. The goal of the campaign was to celebrate the end of a strong year in a more personalized way, while inspiring…

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