How Lean Cuisine’s #WeighThis is Measuring What Really Matters

Jessica Gioglio
3 min readMar 10, 2021

If you’re going to weigh something, weigh what matters.

This is the inspiration for Lean Cuisine’s #WeighThis campaign. In the campaign, Lean Cuisine is taking a powerful stance on why women should focus on their accomplishments and what they value most in life, as opposed to measuring our worth via weight or body image.

Watch as powerful stories about saving a family member’s life, going back to school despite all odds, and celebrating over 24 years of marriage unfold.

In addition to the video, Lean Cuisine is encouraging its community to share what truly matters to them on Twitter with #WeighThis. The company also hosted a special event and art installation with artist Annica Lydenberg, who painted the inspiring responses on nearly 250 scales, which were then displayed as part of an art installation in Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall.

The #WeighThis campaign is part of a re-branding effort Lean Cuisine launched in June 2015 in partnership with 360i to move away from being perceived as a diet brand and more as a healthy lifestyle company.

So, what can marketers take away from this inspiring campaign?

Understand What Moves and Motivates Your Customers

With so much competition for consumer attention, marketers need to focus on what matters. Instead of focusing solely on its products, Lean Cuisine tapped into a broader, more inspiring mission that its customers could get behind. As a result, Lean Cuisine is successfully supporting the re-branding of the company while starting a movement. So far, the campaign has generated more than one million video views, significant press coverage, and an ongoing Twitter conversation.

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