How Sprite’s Snapchat Campaign Got 2 Million Views in 2 Days

Jessica Gioglio
3 min readMar 17, 2021

Growing up, I remember seeing the famous athletes on the box of Wheaties, smiling at me from our kitchen pantry. The whole idea of accomplishing something amazing to get the call from Wheaties to be featured on their cereal box was fascinating to me.

Fast forward to the present, and as it turns out, the idea of being featured on a Wheaties box is still exciting, but also evolving. Advancements in digital and social media have paved the way for companies to feature athletes, celebrites, and even customers both online and offline.

A creative example of this comes from Sprite in Brazil. Sprite took the concept of the Wheaties box, but flipped it on its head by offering its customers in Brazil on a chance to have their Snapcodes appear on the company’s soda cans. For those not familiar with Snapcodes, here’s the official definiton from Snapchat:

“A Snapcode is a special kind of image that you can scan with Snapchat to do different things. You can send and scan Snapcodes that add new friends, unlock Filters and Lenses, link to websites, connect to exclusive content and more!” For more information:

Called “RFRSH Na Lata,” or “refresh on the can,” fans entered the contest by registering their Snapcode on a campaign microsite. Why did Sprite choose to feature a Snapcode and not a photo? While a photo is great, a Snapcode drives people to a Snapchat user profile, allowing customers to growing their fanbase. A great opportunity for aspiring influencers and creators!

To raise awareness for the campaign, Sprite partnered with 15 influential Brazilian Snapchat stars to print their Snapcodes on cans. According to the agency behind this campaign, CUBOCC, many of the Snapchat stars featured have tripled their fanbase in a two-week period as a result of the campaign.

Supporting elements of this campaign include promotional content across Facebook, YouTube, and websites like winnin where users can vote on “battles” for their favorite would-be Snaps.

The result? Sprite Brazil’s “RFRSH Na Lata” campaign generated over two million views in just two days.

Jessica Gioglio

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