This Week In Marketing: February 28, 2021 — Jessica E. Gioglio

Jessica Gioglio
7 min readMar 1, 2021

Welcome to another weekly roundup! This week, I’ve got a great mix for you across tech, social platform and marketing campaign news. On the tech front, we’ve got a follow-up on policy issues around paying for news coverage, Spotify’s new audio ad solutions, a look at the new app Dispo, and more. For social platforms, Twitter is throwing down with bold future plans, there’s a troubling lawsuit for TikTok, Clubhouse reveals Android app plans, and more. On the marketing campaign front, there’s a cool full-body AR Snapchat campaign from Bacardi, a burger restaurant that has hilariously made its menu expense-able, a bizarre campaign from Heinz, viral Tom Cruise deepfakes, and more!

Facebook says it will pay news industry $1 billion over 3 years

Last week, Microsoft threw down the gauntlet saying that search engines and social networks should pay for news coverage. Shortly after, Google announced a multi-year deal with News Corp (of which Microsoft decided to take credit for influencing). This week, Facebook announced plans to invest $1 billion to “support the news industry” over the next three years. What’s not being covered? Whether Microsoft will do — or has already done — the same, as the situation currently reads as though the company would rather poke the bear versus join the party.

Spotify unveils audio ad marketplace as podcast ambitions face key test

With the rise of podcast, eBook and social audio consumption on the rise, it’s no surprise that Spotify is looking to expand its audio ad marketplace. Consider the following stats:

  • 2020: Audio was the №1 activity on mobile, outpacing social, video, and gaming
  • Podcasts reach over 100 million Americans for over 40 minutes per day

So, why aren’t more advertisers embracing advertising on podcasts? The podcast advertising market is in its infancy, with limited…

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