What World Book Day Means To Me As An Author & Avid Reader

Jessica Gioglio
4 min readMar 4, 2021

Today is World Book Day! Did you know that World Book Day is designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading? Or that World Book Day is marked in over 100 countries around the globe? Now you do.

World Book Day is special for me on many levels. Today, I am the proud co-author of two books, The Power of Visual Storytelling and The Laws of Brand Storytelling. But, even before I became a published author, books have played a prominent role in my life.

I know my love of books and reading comes from my Mom. Growing up, my Mom always read to us. I remember loving The Polar Express, The Secret Garden, the Eloise books, the Madeline book series, plus the American Girl book series, among many others. I also remember that my childhood dream was to be either an author or an artist!

As I grew older and became able to read on my own, I remember my Mom telling me that I learned to read early for my age — and was a bit of a brat about it. Apparently, I told my teacher in school that I was bored because the other kids were not at my reading ability. Not my humblest moment, but it did result in more challenging books being put in front of me, which I loved.

Now that I am an adult, I love to give children books as a gift, as a way to inspire a love of reading and storytelling in the next generation. My niece and nephew love the Noisy London book, which has beautiful illustrations, a good storyline and great sounds of the iconic London landmarks. Another great find was when I gifted my nephew a personalized book called “Lost My Name,” which is a fun story of a child who lost their name and goes on an epic adventure to find it. As the child encounters different characters along the way, each one gives them a letter, which eventually spells out the child’s full name. I also love the personalized children’s book from Papier on “All The Things I Wish For You,” which has beautiful illustrations, personalization options and a lovely storyline. My co-author, Ekaterina Walter, also has an amazing children’s book, Amber and Sapphire: The Magic Spell, that she wrote with her daughter that is…

Jessica Gioglio

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